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Camp Activities



A Historic Encampment for Camp No. 14

March 28th

The 131st Department of Michigan Encampment was an especially proud event for the Brothers of Robert Finch Camp No. 14 as one of our own was elected and duly installed as Department Commander. Dale L. Aurand was installed by C-in-C Tad Campbell on Saturday, 28 March 2015 to serve the 2015-2016 term . . . more . . .


Loomis Battery Cannon Rededicaton

Lansing, Michigan

A contingent of Robert Finch Camp 14 and Frances Finch Auxiliary 9 Brothers and Sisters made the trek to Lansing for the rededication of the Loomis Battery Cannons rededication of the Loomis Battery Cannons . . . more . . .


Dr. and Mrs. Cousins Gravesite

July 12th

Progress on the Dr. Cousins project continues. Grave markers were made by CC Bryant and painted by Brother Bill Burgess. On July 12th Brothers Scott and Walker Schwander, Bill Burgess, Calvin Murphy with members of the Grand Traverse Genealogical Society (Mary Rose, Kathi Farley and Mary Griggs) held a quiet vigil at . . .more . . .


Loomis Battery Artillery Competition - Camp Grayling

July 18th

DC Aurand, DJVC Smith and Brother Bill Hanusik attended the Loomis Battery Artillery Competition at Camp Grayling on 18 July. Brother Hanusik was a participant in the competition. There was consensus among the Brothers that this would be a fun event for the Camp to attend in 2016 and beyond . . . more . . .

2015 National Encampment - Richmond

Robert Finch Camp No. 14 was well represented at the 2015 National Encampment in Richmond, Virginia by DC Dale Aurand, CC Skip Bryant, and DJVC David Smith. The Department of Michigan was quite successful with Sister Linda Kronberg being elected to ASUVCW National President, PDC Don Shaw being re-elected . . . more . . .


Dr. Cousins’ Wait is Over

December 7th

While it took over 107 years, Dr. David Wilson Cousins no longer has to wait for the Veteran gravestone that he so justly deserves. To the surprise of everyone, the gravestone was received by Downs Cemetery Sexton Jim Zenner during the week of 07 December . . . more . . .



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