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Corporal in the Union Infantry at 44 years of age!

Andrew Jackson Thomas was born 1815 in Tyler County, Virginia (now West Virginia). He was a farmer from, Jay County, Indiana. He was 5 feet 8 1/2 inches tall, dark complexion, dark hair and brown eyes. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War as a corporal in the infantry. He enlisted in Camden, Indiana on August 27th 1862 to serve for three years. He enlisted at age 44 and was one of about 16,000 his age of over 6.4 million Union Army. He was given a furlough to Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana in August 25, 1863 from the U.S. General Hospital at Mound City, IL. The furlough as granted due to disability following severe sickness from an explosive suffered in the rear areas of Vicksburg. At Vicksburg he was under General S. B. Buford commander of the Cairo Division Cairo, IL. Corporal A.J.

Thomas was 48 years old when as discharged from the army due to disability, due to chronic diarrhea. He was discharged from Company H of 100th Indiana regiment of Indiana Volunteers at Jay County, IN. It states: "while on duty at Synder Bluff, Mississippi in June 1863, was taken with fever and diarrhea, while several weeks prior was also unfit for duty." He was admitted to the hospital on July 28, 1863. He was diagnosed with severe diarrhea and resisting treatment was given a disability and determined unfit for duty at Mound City, IL, by the surgeon AH Kellogg on November 7, 1863 at Pennville, Jay County, IN.
He died February 10, 1891 in New Paris, Preble County, Ohio. He is buried in New Paris Ohio.


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