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William W. Thomas
Sergeant Thomas was in the Indiana Cavalry.

William W. Thomas of Wayne County, Indiana was in the Second Calvary of 2nd Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, Company C. He enlisted in Sept. 13, 1861 at age 20 years. On August 28, 1863 promoted from private to Sergeant. He was wounded Sept. 2, 1864. He died about a month later, in hospital #19 in Nashville on October 4, 1864 of wounds (after loss of leg due to gangrene, possible) near Franklin, near Nashville, Tennessee area at age 24.  Exact burial site is unknown.

Casualties in the Civil War were at least 618,000 Americans died. Some experts say the toll reached 700,000. The number that is most often quoted is 620,000. Only 200,000 died from wounds from battle. The others died from malnutrition and diseases. At any rate, these casualties exceed the nation's loss in all its other wars, from the Revolution through Vietnam in total. The Union armies had from 2,500,000 to 2,750,000 men army. The Confederate strength, known less accurately, because of missing records, was from 750,000 to 1,250,000 men army.


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