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James M. Avery
Public Library
Chase, Michigan

Chase Library

James M. Avery

At the Chase Public Library on the wall opposite the librarians desk is a framed plaque of Civil War veteran James M. Avery.  The plaque reads as follows;


[Photo of Mr. Avery in his later years]

Member of Major Fox Post 272

            James Merritt Avery joined the Union army on August 29, 1864.  At that time he was 33 years of age and carried his address as Dekorra, Wisconsin.

            He was assigned to Company C, 42nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, and June 20, 1865, was discharged from the service at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

            When he migrated to Michigan is not known, but he was here as of 1878.

            He was born on February 8, 1832 and died on February 10, 1913 and was laid to rest in Cherry Valley Cemetary, Nirvana, Michigan.

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